It has to be a good fit

It has to be a good fit

Riding your bike is one thing, riding your bike to the best of your ability is another and there’s more to it than just the latest lightweight frame or groupset. Understanding and making your body and bike work together as one will allow you to achieve the best results possible. At the bike fitting room, we believe in fitting your bike to you. If you are looking for comfort we can get you comfy. If its speed you need we can accommodate that. Want to get out of the physio room we can help to.

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Is a bike fit right for me?

A good bike fit is right for anyone who cycles. There are many factors that can cause problems and pains when riding that can be alleviated by having a good bike fit, symptoms like

  • Calf, knee, upper leg and pelvis pain
  • Saddle numbness/soreness
  • Back, shoulder and neck pain

Whether you’re a new rider or an experienced one, everyone has something to gain from a good fitting bike

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So how can it help?

So how can it help?

We’ve listed a few problem areas below. If you identify with any of them when riding your bike, then maybe a good bike fit could help you.

    • Foot problems
      • Foot pain.
      • Foot cramping.
      • Foot numbness.
      • Achilles pain.
    • Leg problems (muscular)
      • Hamstrings.
      • Quadriceps.
      • Gluteal.
      • Calf.
    • Knee problems
      • Front (anterior) pain.
      • Inside (medial) pain.
      • Outside (Lateral) pain.
      • Back (posterior) pain.
    • Hip, Back and Neck problems
      • Hip pain.
      • Lower back pain.
      • Neck pain.
      • Posterior pain .
    • Shoulder, Forearms and Hands
      • Shoulder pain.
      • Forearm pain.
      • Hand numbness/pain.


Meet your personal bike fitter


Carl Ashworth

Level 1 & 2 Bike Fitter

Specialising in TT and endurance riders

I have had over 20 years experience in the cycling industry, yet my love for bikes is just the same as it was then, if not stronger. Feeling uncomfortable on a bike can obviously effect your enjoyment, but more importantly your performance. Helping people achieve their ultimate goals, whilst also feeling more comfortable on their bikes is why I became a bike fitter in the first place, and I can honestly say I am in this for the long haul.

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the cost

The cost

Level 1 Bike Fit – £60

Our Level 1 bike fit utilises the static bike fit system. is a subsidiary of Shimano and they are a pioneers in static bike fitting, the main reason we at The Bike Fitting Room use their system.

The bike fit will start with a consultation, this is an important part of your bike fit that helps your fitter understand your goals and highlight any problems that you may be experiencing from currently riding your bike.

Your fitter will then create a personal module for the rider on which will be used through the bike fit.Next your fitter will take measurements of the your body and these are fed into the module. Along with the riders measurements we also add your make and model of shoes, pedals and bike.

The next step is to enter your type of riding eg hybrid, road, touring and mountain biking. Following this we add your preferred riding position to be fitted to eg comfort, sports or professional.

The database we use currently holds over 60 brands and over 3000 bike frames to determine and calculate the ideal riding position based on your data. From the data the system then produces all the measurements your fitter needs to set the bike up as well as recommended bar width, stem length and crank length. The bike will be set to these exact measurements.

Your fitter will then set the cleats up on the cleat adjustment jig. The bike will be put onto a turbo trainer for the rider to feel the benefits of the bike fit and for the fitter to view the rider and make any necessary minor adjustments.

Should any existing bike parts need to be changed, we stock a large selection of stems, bars, saddles etc for the rider to try before they purchase if they are needed to help achieve a better fit.

Level 2 Bike Fit – £100

Our Level 2 Fit includes everything from our Level 1 Fit but also utilises the foot-pedal interface system. The Goal of this section of the bike fit is to achieve the best
foot position for maximal bio mechanical efficiency for lower extremity joints and tissue. Basically it aligns your feet correctly to your pedals enabling more power to pedal transfer and reduces risk of injuries to your knees and legs.

This is achieved through the following five step process;1. Fore/ Aft positioning of the cleat
This is the position of your pedal spindle between your 1st and 5th
metatarsal (these are a group of five long bones in the foot located between the tarsal bones of the hind- and mid-foot and the phalanges of the toes)- This gives you maximal force transfer
– It gives mechanical advantage of plantar-flexors
– Removes pressure and irritation of the plantar nerve.2. Medial/Lateral positioning of the cleat
Positioning the foot under the knee is essential and has the following benefits

– Positions your foot closer to your natural stance.

Reduces lateral and medial motion of the knee

3. Wedging
Wedges are used throughout sports more and more and this part of the fit will determine if you need a forefoot wedge. If you do need wedges these can help with the following

– Improved alignment
– Improve your first ray purchase
– Decrease pronation
– Reduce femoral and tibial internal rotation
– Increase comfort

4. Cleat rotation
This process is done on each foot individually as then we look to get the
best set up for each foot. Most people are not symmetrical so why should
your cleat set up be? Correct cleat set up can help to

– Improve the position off your foot to a more natural stance.
– Reduces tibial twist.

5 Leg length
Need some copy for here
– Define the nature of leg length difference
– Appropriate correction for leg length difference.

What Products we use and why we use them

At The bike fitting room we have carefully selected great products that are well designed and work. Here is a list of the products we supply and fit along with the reason we have chosen to sell them.

The 3T logo is one of the most iconic logos in cycling. They supply a great range of bars and stems giving the rider a huge choice of different shapes and sizes of bars. The brand stands out in a crowded market and symbolizes their strengths and modern aesthetics. 3T has always worked closely with professional athletes. They help develop new products that symbolize 3T’s desire for success on all levels.

We have chosen Prologo because they have developed “Prologo my own”. This is a system that has been developed by Prologo to find the rider their perfect saddle. This is achieved by taking measurements from key areas of the rider. The data is then fed into a computer system and a selection of suitable saddles is produced. The rider is then given a sample saddle to try. Once the perfect saddle has been found the new saddle will be fitted to the bike. Not only do Prologo do a great range of saddles they also make some great bar tape. This handlebar tape can be a perfect match to your Prologo saddle, or a worthy addition to any bike. It also features a micro cpc (CPC: Connect, Power Control: Prologo patented technology, the specially designed CPC surface features 3D polymer chains arranged for maximum benefit. This includes optimum grip, shock absorption, and air cooling. Furthermore, it enhances blood flow through massaging action, reducing numbness and tendon related discomfort. In turn this reduces fatigue).

While you may never win the tour de france, the giro d’Italia, the Olympics, the world road and time trial championships, Paris-Roubaix, or the Hawaii Ironman world championships, riders using speedplay have. Speedplay are a great pedal for a bike fitter to work with due to the amount of float and cleat adjustment available. Any Speedplay pedals purchased through The Bike Fitting Room will be fitted using ‘BikeFit’ cleat and pedal set up.

Northwave can honestly say that it dresses cyclists “from head to toe”. All Northwave products are the result of hard work by its R&D division – a select team of technical experts and craftsmen – and are designed, developed, tested and perfected in Italy. Northwave has always been recognized as a byword for top quality, offering a complete range that features on going improvements thanks to the constant introduction of innovative solutions.

BikeFit is the second oldest fitting system on the market not only do we use the BikeFit system in our level 2 bike fits but we stock all of their products. BikeFit hold the patents for products like Cleat Wedge and Its Wedge

What other people say

“Carl was the 3rd bike-fitter I’d used to try and stop my hands going numb on longer rides. Pleased to say that I no longer have numb hands, unlike the other bike fitters I tried this one actually had the knowledge and parts available to make the adjustments needed to my bike there and then. Can’t recommend highly enough.”
Marc Ramsden

“After changing up my road bike and after having some knee problems l decided on a new approach . I contacted carl and ask if he could take a look at the set up .

It was with out doubt an eye opener, he completely transformed my riding experience from one which was starting to cause me injury problems to a more dynamic and comfortable riding position , with better knee and ankle alignment. The result, less fatigue and no pain and better output. All the measuring was worth it !!!!!
Many thanks”
James J .

“In general friendly, helpful and professional service. Really made a difference to my comfort whilst riding, in particular for my lower back, plus no loss in power output!”

“I was referred to Carl by another rider I spoke to about bike fits, I was dubious at first as I thought my bike fit me pretty well. Carl employs a mixture of different bike fit techniques to ensure that you have the best fit possible and will help with a number of potential issues. He spent three hours with me and we decided I needed spacers between by pedals as I suffer from bow legs and he changed the stem length on my bike. Carl has helped me with the correct fitting on shoes and some new wheels as well. Can’t recommend him highly enough.”

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